9th February 2019 : Questions and answers

(Q1)- RBI Governor Shakti Kant Das has Lawerd the repo rate by 25 basis
   Ans :- 6.25 (Reverse repo rate 6.00)

(Q2)- 5th India - Bangladesh Joint Consutative Committie Meeting was held in Which City? 
   Ans :- New Delhi ( Last Oct 2017 in Dhaka)

(Q3) Who has Appointed as DGP of Punjab? 
    Ans :- Dinkar Gupta ( 1987 - Batch IPS Officer)

(Q4) Indian Coast Gaurd Signed On MOV cordination in the Aeronautical And Marltime Serch and Reserch Operation With? 
     Ans :- Airport Authority of India (AAO)

(Q5)- RBI has increased the limit of Collateral free agriculture loan to 
  Ans : 1.6 lakh ( increased from 1to 1.6 lakh)

(Q6) Who is appointed as the Ambassador of India to the republic of columbia? 
   Ans :- Sanjiv Rajan

(Q7) RBI has Slapped a ₹ 1crore Penality on Syndicate Bank  and ₹20 lakh on Axis Bank of violating norms

(Q8) Which state budget will be webiast through a Mobile App " E- Vidhan"? 
   Ans :- Himachal Pradesh

(Q9)  Which state Govt. has Introduced a new Scheme, Called Annadata Sukhi Bhava? 
   Ans : Andhra Pradesh [ecnomic support to Annadatas (Farmers)]

(Q10):- Who was inaugurate National War Memorial in New Delhi?
    Ans :- Narendra Modi (25 feb)

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