8 February 2019 Q /A

(Q1) Who has been appointed as CEO of Coperative Bank?       
        Ans :- P.V Bharti ( HQ - Manglore)

 (Q2) Which state has become the 1st Indian State to set up a Price Monitering and Research Unit? 
         Ans :- Kerala

(Q3) Who has been Recognised as the President of Vanexula? 
       Ans: - Juan Guaido 

(Q4) Ladu kichore Swain, Who passed away recently, was the current MP from Which Loke Sabha Consituency of Odisha? 
     Ans :- Aska (16th Loke Sabha May          2014-2019)

(Q5) Theme of 30th National Road Safety Week (NRSW 2019)
     Ans :- Sadak Suraksha -Jeevan Raksha 

 (Q6) Which union ministery has launched Shehri Samridhi Utsav? 
    Ans :- Ministery of Housing and Urban Affairs

(Q7) Which high Court has Ruled Against Negative marking in Competitive  examinations? 
     Ans :- Madras High Court

(Q8) From Which station will PM- Modi Flag off Vande Bharat Express? 
    Ans :- New Delhi Railway Station  ( Delhi to Varanashi -160kmph)

(Q9) Which country has signed an accord to join the North Allantil Treaty Organigtion? 
  Ans :- Macedonia (HQ- Brussels)

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