Solved Questions and answers of the Day 12th February 2019

12th February 2019

(Q1) PM to inauguarate PETROTECH -2019 in which city?
  Ans Greater Noida

(Q2) Which team has Clinched the 2019 Ranji Trophy?
 Ans :- Vidharba (Defeat - Saurashtra)

(Q3) What is The Theme of the ASIA LPG Summit?
 Ans :- LPG - Energy for Life

(Q4) The Circuit bench Of the Calcutta High court Will be Set up in which District of West Bengal?
   Ans :- Jal Paiguri

(Q5) Which Language is added by Abu Dhabi Judicial Development as its Third Official Court Language?
 Ans :- Hindi

(Q6) PM Modi laid the foundation stone for the Sela Tunnel Project in Which state
   Ans: - Arunchal Pradesh [ Const. by BRO :- Border Road Organization]

(Q7) Dard Aryan Tribe Which is in neues is from which state / UT
   Ans :- Jammu and Kashmir

(Q8) Which Film is won the 'Best Film' award at 2019 British Academy Film award
  Ans :- Roma

(Q9) ' Maximum' no of Awards at 2019 BAFTA?
 Ans :- The Favourite

(Q10 ~ Cygnus, US cargo space Craft was relesed from International Space station

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