Questions and answers of the day 10th February 2019

                    10, Feburuary 2019

(Q1)- Which country has Approved the propval to name Siamese Fighting Fish as the National Aquatic Animal?
    Ans :- Thailand

(Q2)- RBI imposes slaps fine of ₹1 crore on which Bank?
   Ans -State bank of India ( voialation of Norms)

(Q3)-A 92 year old Indian Priest was Conferred to insignia of the  officer of Legion of Honor Frances Highest Civilan Hobour?
   Ans- Father Francais Laborde

(Q4)- Which bank has been annouced as the 9th edition of Aegis Graham Bell Award?
   Ans: - Yes Bank (HQ- Mumbai)

(Q5)- 1st International Financial Services Centre (IFCSs) was set up in wich city?
     Ans - Gandhinagar (Gujarat)

(Q6)- Which is the Rank of India in International IP Index 2019?
      Ans- 36th (44th in 2018)

(Q7)- India is Purchasing two Missile Defence System LAIRCAM and SPS from Which Country?
        Ans :- USA

(Q8)- Gold at Free of Cost to the Brides?
     Ans: - Assam (Scheme name Arundhati)

(Q9) Recent PM modi Launched "DD Arun Prabha" channel in Whic city?
    Ans: - Itanagar (Arunchal Pradesh)

(Q10) Who has been honoured which "Freedom of the city of london by the city of London Corporation?
      Ans: - Sanjiv Chadha 

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